The Trenton D. Steele Scholarship is sponsored by Trenton D. Steele, dedicated to helping Kemper County seniors graduating from Kemper County High School or Kemper Academy in DeKalb, MS.  This scholarship seeks to assist those students that have a financial need and a strong desire to achieve goals in spite of situations or circumstances.  Trenton’s hope is to help a future leader seek continued education that will provide them the tools to be a successful, productive contributor to their community.  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  ~Nelson Mandela  



Candidates for the Trenton D. Steele Scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria: 

  • Have at least a C average
  • Be a graduating Kemper County High School or Kemper Academy Senior (online programs and home school program participants will not be eligible) 
  • Demonstrate financial need



Scholarship recipients - known as Trenton D. Steele Scholars - are determined each spring by a scholarship committee, which consist of counselors and teachers from each school and Trenton D. Steele. Candidates will be judged on ability to demonstrate a desire and dedication to achieving a higher level of education and a commitment to bettering themselves and their community.  Selection will be based on their application and committee discussion.  



The Trenton D. Steele Scholarship will award two $200 scholarships per year (one to a Kemper County High School Senior and one to a Kemper Academy Senior) at the time of graduation.  


The Application Package

Consideration will be given only to candidates submitting complete application packages which include: (1) a completed Trenton D. Steele Scholarship application form (copies are acceptable); (2) a high school transcript; (3) parent(s)/guardian(s) signature, (4) the signature of a school counselor, and (5) Two (2) letters of reference.  Please remove Social Security Numbers from all documents. 


Complete application packages MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN May 13, 2019 by mail or hand delivery.  All mailed applications should be submitted to the address listed below. 

Mail Application to: Trenton D. Steele Scholarship Committee

P. O. Box 824

DeKalb, MS 39328

Phone:  601-678-8226